Creative Redemption

This blog seeks to explore themes from the Bible, theology, spiritual formation, creativity, and responses to change and conflict to discover how to promote God's redemptive work in his creation.

Three Questions Regarding Change

To provide a sense of the direction of this blog, we will focus on three major questions related to change:

1)Why is change important?

One way to conceive of change is in terms of movement, and as such it can take us in a positive or a negative direction. Not all change produces growth, therefore, but all growth requires change.

Individuals or groups may agree on the need for change, but disagree over the goal or the path. Others, for various reasons, tend to resist change in general. Conservatives, including religious conservatives, often fall into this category.

In light of these circumstances, how should we view the need for, purpose of, and path to change? More specifically, what perspective does the Bible offer on these questions? We will examine the biblical vocabulary for change and the centrality of this language for the larger biblical narrative.

2)Why is change so hard?

Change, in fact, is not always difficult, but we wonder why movement in a negative direction seems so much easier than positive change. We will consider the numerous forces that work against us whenever we seek positive change. The resulting situation appears daunting, but only by facing and understanding the negative reality can we effectively combat it.

3)What makes change possible?

As we view the overall human landscape, it appears that the odds against deep, meaningful, enduring change approach winning-the-lottery proportions. No one-size-fits-all formula exists to beat these odds, but insights and approaches from several sources can greatly enhance our efforts. Numerous exceptions to the general pattern of failure offer hope. We will consider why some succeed where most fail, as well as the way their approaches relate to biblical teaching.

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